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Who put this soapbox here?

The Twinkies added Luis Ayala to help bolster their bullpen.  Ayala was flat out terrible last season.  I would think his poor numbers are a reflection of his lingering groin injury.  Maybe that is just wishful thinking.  Ayala will certainly add a veteran presence to the bullpen and now we have a healthy competition for the 8th inning role.  Ayala is the Twins only free agent signing of 2009.  I come from the school of thought that you do not always HAVE to bring in new players.  We certainly have the money to bring in a stud, but our GM Bill Smith does not spend money just to spend it.  Twins go after value for their money and it has payed off since 2001. 

Yesterday I received a redemption card from 07 Fleer Ultra.  It was a John Danks auto.  I really enjoyed that product but my redemption card was terrible.  Fleer and Mr. Danks are LAZY!  Fleer put the cut auto on the far left of the card, it is not even close to being centered.  Danks scribbled his signature on the sticker.  Apparently, Mr. Danks is too cool to sign his name properly.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe he just has the handwriting of a 4 year old.  The card did not make or break the product for me, but it was depressing to see such a lazy card.  I’m sure there are hundreds of collectors who see this on a day-to-day basis.  

If I was in Danks shoes I would like to think that I would have enough respect for my fans to give them a quality auto.  I don’t care how boring it is to sign your name 1000 times in a row.  You are a millionaire playing a children’s game.  Without the fans paying to see you play, you would just be another great softball player in my Spring league.  In times like these I need to remember the Superman analogy.  When ball players put on the uniform they are Superman, but when they take it off…..they are just another donkey.  Let’s not idolize these athletes; take them for what they are.  I guess I can’t really be mad at John Danks after all.  Keep the crappy autos coming.


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Worst Product of the Year!

And the winner is 2009 Topps Flagship brand.  I have not even opened another brand this year, but Topps takes the cake.  I went to Target last night and purchased a blaster of ’08 Goudey and 4 packs of ’09 Topps.  The Goudey was fun as expected.  The Topps was dreadful and very disappointing.  The Topps foil stamp in the top right of each card was flaking away and the ’09 design is boring, bland, and unoriginal.

It may be the worst product I have EVER opened.  I highly recommended no one buy this product.  I just can not get over how boring this product was.  The cards look terrible, perhaps they are geared towards children (and that’s fine), but I am not a fan.

The only card I enjoyed was the Turkey Red card I received.  But even the Turkey Red looks the same every year and just does not excite me.  ’09 Heritage can not get here soon enough.  2009 is off to a horrible start!  Who will step up and capture my attention and wallet?


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First of all, I must apologize to John for jumping the gun here and posting three individual posts in a row, I don’t mean to be hogging the Blog but situations warrant such actions. It’s hard not to be excited when your favorite team is almost literally making a deal per day. Today, the Orioles announced that they signed Ty Wigginton to a 2-year, $6M deal. Wigginton’s name was thrown around as an O’s interest for months but everyone thought that had falling by the wayside after the Pie deal and the realization that Huff would play first. Adding Wigginton to our current roster is a curious move and it only stands to reason that more trades are on the horizon. I mean, right now we have an OF of Pie, Jones, Markakis, Freel, and Scott; first base is manned by Wigginton and Huff; third base would be Mora and Wigginton and up the middle would be Izturis, Brob, and Gomez. That’s fine but there isn’t enough room. My thoughts are that Scott will be moved in the next day or so. On a smaller note, the O’s signed IFer Jolbert Cabrera to a minor league deal today; Jolbert played in the Majors last year for the Mariners after two years in Japan. What is MacPhail going to do next?

On a side note, I will be taking off for vacation tomorrow to Wyoming until next Monday. In my absence, John will be taking over all posting duties so you’ll have some great stuff to look forward to reading. When I get back, I’ll pick up with updating you on the O’s news, will break down some card trades I have in the works with several fellow bloggers, and will start posting more sac bunt cards. Stay tuned!



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Fernando Valenzuela Sacrifice Bunting

This baseball card is extremely disgusting and overwhelmingly awesome at the same time:

fernando_donrussThere are so many things wrong with Fernando’s technique that I really don’t even know where to start. First, let’s start with the fact that the back of the card lists Fernando at 5’11” and 202 pounds; don’t ever forget about how big this dude was. Second, please notice his top hand practically wrapped around the bat barrel just waiting for his pitching hand to get shattered. This is something you learn when you are 6 years old ; don’t wrap your fingers around the bat. Third, look at his weight distribution; I’d say about 80% of it is over his front leg causing him to; fourth, apparently lunge at the ball as it approaches his plate. Fifth, and this is a result of his weight distribution and lunging, but he has absolutely no bat angle to ensure that he lays the ball on the ground in fair territory. Now on to the things that he is demonstrating correctly: 1) he’s rocking the stirrups over the socks (a classic look) and 2) he’s got his ‘bunt’ grimace on. Every decent ballplayer knows you can’t sacrifice the runner from 1st to 2nd in the 3rd inning of a scoreless game without grimacing. Thanks to Collingwood again for this beautiful card and another stack of cards that have captured the art of bunting in action just waiting to be analyzed. Stay tuned and go O’s!!!



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Andruw Jones Jersey Swatch (Ugh!)

Is there anything worse than an Andruw Jones baseball card?  He went from hero to zero over night and has never looked back.  I hate when I pull his cards, he is so irrelevant now.  Anyway….broke another box of 07 Fleer Ultra SE.  I think this will be my last box of this brand; I think I’ve tapped the well.  The hits have lost their luster and the base set is pretty much complete.  I enjoyed Ultra a lot and would recommend this set to anyone, but it does get old.  I can’t argue with a Mornaeu jersey with a stripe though!  “momorneau,” this card is coming your way for a jersey Mauer you may have lying around!


I’m not sure what I’d like to buy next for our box break.  I know I want to get my hands on ’09 Topps Heritage!  I’m sure we all do.  In the meantime I’ll probably look around for a good deal and run with it.  I’ve never been one to purchase boxes that are over $100.  I’m not even sure I would if I found a $100 bill on the ground.  I’m all about collecting base cards of Joe Mauer and collecting his high value cards via trades or ebay.  I’d rather buy a blaster of ’08 Stadium Club than a hobby box.  Chances of me pulling a Mauer auto from the hobby are slim, but I’ll probably get his base card from a blaster.  I have finally put together Mauer’s checklist 2002-2008 so I’ll start chipping away at it.

Enjoy the big game this weekend!


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Superbowl Group Break (shh…it’s football)

Ok ok, this IS a baseball blog but we here at Sac Bunt can’t ignore a good thing when we see it. Via Sports Cards Uncensored, we learned about a great football group break that Jason over at Houston Card Collector is hosting based off a contest at Blowout Cards. Whew, I think I got that right. Anyways, head over to Houston’s blog (link above) to check out the logistics and make sure you sign up! I won’t get into the details but basically you pay 9 bucks and have the possibility of getting some HUGE returns. Both John and I have already reserved a slot.


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‘The’ Number 8

So this is a pretty cool card isn’t it?


Me, John, and Drew got our shipment of 2 ’07 Fleer Ultra SE boxes and 1 ’07 UD Masterpieces box in the mail yesterday from As part of their sweet deal, we got 1 lonely pack of ’07 Masterpieces for FREE. Being impatient, I ripped that bad boy open. Staring right back at me was this beautiful card of the HOF buddies; Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn. Without getting into too much detail here on this post, Cal Ripken, Jr. is/was/will forever be my most favorite baseball player ever. He was born in Maryland and played with the Orioles his entire career. When I got into collecting cards when I was younger my dad said “Why don’t you focus on one player and try to collect his cards?” That sounded like a good idea so I picked Ripken. I haven’t actually counted but I think I have 4,000+ Cal Ripken cards of all types and varieties. My dad and I were always stopping at obscure, hole-in-the-wall hobby shops looking for that ‘odd ball’ Ripken card that was distributed in random packages of Alpo dog food…for example. In addition to cards, I have Coke bottles, Milk cartons, energy bars, figurines, posters, etc. with Number 8 on them. I owe my love of baseball cards and my genuine love of Cal Ripken to my dad. Thanks Dad! Also, many thanks to Mom for putting up with stopping at every hobby shop along the way and for housing 99% of the collection at their house…even until this day!

In other news, just beneath this sweet card, was an on-card autograph of Boof Bonser! Not an awesome signing, but not bad for a free pack, eh? Any thoughts on Dave and Adam’s Card World shipping out ‘hot packs’ as their freebies to generate return business? John, I smell a trade? Whatcha got?


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