Who put this soapbox here?

The Twinkies added Luis Ayala to help bolster their bullpen.  Ayala was flat out terrible last season.  I would think his poor numbers are a reflection of his lingering groin injury.  Maybe that is just wishful thinking.  Ayala will certainly add a veteran presence to the bullpen and now we have a healthy competition for the 8th inning role.  Ayala is the Twins only free agent signing of 2009.  I come from the school of thought that you do not always HAVE to bring in new players.  We certainly have the money to bring in a stud, but our GM Bill Smith does not spend money just to spend it.  Twins go after value for their money and it has payed off since 2001. 

Yesterday I received a redemption card from 07 Fleer Ultra.  It was a John Danks auto.  I really enjoyed that product but my redemption card was terrible.  Fleer and Mr. Danks are LAZY!  Fleer put the cut auto on the far left of the card, it is not even close to being centered.  Danks scribbled his signature on the sticker.  Apparently, Mr. Danks is too cool to sign his name properly.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe he just has the handwriting of a 4 year old.  The card did not make or break the product for me, but it was depressing to see such a lazy card.  I’m sure there are hundreds of collectors who see this on a day-to-day basis.  

If I was in Danks shoes I would like to think that I would have enough respect for my fans to give them a quality auto.  I don’t care how boring it is to sign your name 1000 times in a row.  You are a millionaire playing a children’s game.  Without the fans paying to see you play, you would just be another great softball player in my Spring league.  In times like these I need to remember the Superman analogy.  When ball players put on the uniform they are Superman, but when they take it off…..they are just another donkey.  Let’s not idolize these athletes; take them for what they are.  I guess I can’t really be mad at John Danks after all.  Keep the crappy autos coming.


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