Worst Product of the Year!

And the winner is 2009 Topps Flagship brand.  I have not even opened another brand this year, but Topps takes the cake.  I went to Target last night and purchased a blaster of ’08 Goudey and 4 packs of ’09 Topps.  The Goudey was fun as expected.  The Topps was dreadful and very disappointing.  The Topps foil stamp in the top right of each card was flaking away and the ’09 design is boring, bland, and unoriginal.

It may be the worst product I have EVER opened.  I highly recommended no one buy this product.  I just can not get over how boring this product was.  The Toppstown.com cards look terrible, perhaps they are geared towards children (and that’s fine), but I am not a fan.

The only card I enjoyed was the Turkey Red card I received.  But even the Turkey Red looks the same every year and just does not excite me.  ’09 Heritage can not get here soon enough.  2009 is off to a horrible start!  Who will step up and capture my attention and wallet?



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4 responses to “Worst Product of the Year!

  1. owlatnight

    I could not disagree with you more.

  2. I really hate the 09 design too. Everyone seems to be creaming themselves over it.

  3. Collinsworth

    As much as you hate the 09 Topps, it will never be nearly as bad as the 89′ Fleer cards that were filled full of errors (Bill Ripken “Rick face” being the most noteworthy), unattractive, and all around horribly made.

  4. nmboxer

    As my dad used to say after a bad movie trailer, thanks for the warning.

    Neither the Topps nor the Upper Deck flagship products seem all that compelling this year.

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