Sign Crede? Sign Mauer!

I’m on the fence about Joe Crede.  The Twins have been in attendance at his workouts but believe he is only 75% healthy.  His agent, Scott Boras (Ugh!), says he is 100% ready to go.  Three things are certain in life: you pay your taxes, you die, and you DO NOT believe a word Scott Boras says!  With that in mind, I can understand why the Twins are hesitant to pull the trigger.  Crede also wants $5 million for 1 year (roughly what he made last year).  The Twins don’t have a habit of spending money just to spend it.  Crede has a lot of things going against him.  Let’s list them:

  1. His agent is Scott Boras.
  2. He has been riddled with back injuries the last 2 years.
  3. He wants $5 million for 1 year
  4. Twins believe his back will get worse playing on Field Turf
  5. He is a dreaded White Sox (Yuck!).

However, his ability to hit the long-ball and play defense at 3B is intriguing.  Injuries and money aside, Crede would be an upgrade at third base and add a power righty to our lineup.  I can’t imagine pitchers would be too excited to see Mauer, Morneau, Crede, and Kubel.  As much as I want to add his bat and glove to this team, I don’t think the reward out ways the risk.  If he plays half the season we just flushed $5 million down the toilet, and the Twins don’t waste money.  I won’t be upset if we do sign him because there is so much upside if he stays healthy.

In other news, that only Twins’ fans care about….Matt Guerrier signed for one year at $1.475 million.  We no longer have any players on arbitration. 

Now it is time to sign Joe Mauer to a lifelong deal.  WE MUST SIGN HIM NOW!  He can’t leave Spring Training without a contract.  From what I have heard, the Twins are not going to mess around with Joe, they will try to lock him up ASAP!  We can not let Joe Mauer become a Yankee or Red Sox.  Joe is a hometown kid and I believe he is willing to give us a hometown discount, if we lock him up now.  He is the face of our franchise and will go down as the greatest catcher to every play the game.  That is not my opinion and I’m not drinking the cool aid, that is fact!  He will be the greatest catcher of ALL TIME!
P.S. I may have a small man crush on Joe, nothing serious, just a small one.



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