First of all, I must apologize to John for jumping the gun here and posting three individual posts in a row, I don’t mean to be hogging the Blog but situations warrant such actions. It’s hard not to be excited when your favorite team is almost literally making a deal per day. Today, the Orioles announced that they signed Ty Wigginton to a 2-year, $6M deal. Wigginton’s name was thrown around as an O’s interest for months but everyone thought that had falling by the wayside after the Pie deal and the realization that Huff would play first. Adding Wigginton to our current roster is a curious move and it only stands to reason that more trades are on the horizon. I mean, right now we have an OF of Pie, Jones, Markakis, Freel, and Scott; first base is manned by Wigginton and Huff; third base would be Mora and Wigginton and up the middle would be Izturis, Brob, and Gomez. That’s fine but there isn’t enough room. My thoughts are that Scott will be moved in the next day or so. On a smaller note, the O’s signed IFer Jolbert Cabrera to a minor league deal today; Jolbert played in the Majors last year for the Mariners after two years in Japan. What is MacPhail going to do next?

On a side note, I will be taking off for vacation tomorrow to Wyoming until next Monday. In my absence, John will be taking over all posting duties so you’ll have some great stuff to look forward to reading. When I get back, I’ll pick up with updating you on the O’s news, will break down some card trades I have in the works with several fellow bloggers, and will start posting more sac bunt cards. Stay tuned!




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