Fernando Valenzuela Sacrifice Bunting

This baseball card is extremely disgusting and overwhelmingly awesome at the same time:

fernando_donrussThere are so many things wrong with Fernando’s technique that I really don’t even know where to start. First, let’s start with the fact that the back of the card lists Fernando at 5’11” and 202 pounds; don’t ever forget about how big this dude was. Second, please notice his top hand practically wrapped around the bat barrel just waiting for his pitching hand to get shattered. This is something you learn when you are 6 years old ; don’t wrap your fingers around the bat. Third, look at his weight distribution; I’d say about 80% of it is over his front leg causing him to; fourth, apparently lunge at the ball as it approaches his plate. Fifth, and this is a result of his weight distribution and lunging, but he has absolutely no bat angle to ensure that he lays the ball on the ground in fair territory. Now on to the things that he is demonstrating correctly: 1) he’s rocking the stirrups over the socks (a classic look) and 2) he’s got his ‘bunt’ grimace on. Every decent ballplayer knows you can’t sacrifice the runner from 1st to 2nd in the 3rd inning of a scoreless game without grimacing. Thanks to Collingwood again for this beautiful card and another stack of cards that have captured the art of bunting in action just waiting to be analyzed. Stay tuned and go O’s!!!




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3 responses to “Fernando Valenzuela Sacrifice Bunting

  1. owlatnight

    Valenzuela actually hit pretty well for a pitcher (I don’t remember how good of a bunter he was). He didn’t look great doing it, but he could hit the ball.

    He hit .304 in 1990 and had 10 career home runs.

  2. Yeah, you know I thought about touching on that but this card is so funny that I didn’t want to ruin it with how good of a pitcher he was and that he could handle the bat well enough.

  3. nando would pinch hit every once in a while, too. it is a shame how few players can execute a sacrifice bunt these days.

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