Andruw Jones Jersey Swatch (Ugh!)

Is there anything worse than an Andruw Jones baseball card?  He went from hero to zero over night and has never looked back.  I hate when I pull his cards, he is so irrelevant now.  Anyway….broke another box of 07 Fleer Ultra SE.  I think this will be my last box of this brand; I think I’ve tapped the well.  The hits have lost their luster and the base set is pretty much complete.  I enjoyed Ultra a lot and would recommend this set to anyone, but it does get old.  I can’t argue with a Mornaeu jersey with a stripe though!  “momorneau,” this card is coming your way for a jersey Mauer you may have lying around!


I’m not sure what I’d like to buy next for our box break.  I know I want to get my hands on ’09 Topps Heritage!  I’m sure we all do.  In the meantime I’ll probably look around for a good deal and run with it.  I’ve never been one to purchase boxes that are over $100.  I’m not even sure I would if I found a $100 bill on the ground.  I’m all about collecting base cards of Joe Mauer and collecting his high value cards via trades or ebay.  I’d rather buy a blaster of ’08 Stadium Club than a hobby box.  Chances of me pulling a Mauer auto from the hobby are slim, but I’ll probably get his base card from a blaster.  I have finally put together Mauer’s checklist 2002-2008 so I’ll start chipping away at it.

Enjoy the big game this weekend!



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