‘The’ Number 8

So this is a pretty cool card isn’t it?


Me, John, and Drew got our shipment of 2 ’07 Fleer Ultra SE boxes and 1 ’07 UD Masterpieces box in the mail yesterday from www.dacardworld.com. As part of their sweet deal, we got 1 lonely pack of ’07 Masterpieces for FREE. Being impatient, I ripped that bad boy open. Staring right back at me was this beautiful card of the HOF buddies; Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn. Without getting into too much detail here on this post, Cal Ripken, Jr. is/was/will forever be my most favorite baseball player ever. He was born in Maryland and played with the Orioles his entire career. When I got into collecting cards when I was younger my dad said “Why don’t you focus on one player and try to collect his cards?” That sounded like a good idea so I picked Ripken. I haven’t actually counted but I think I have 4,000+ Cal Ripken cards of all types and varieties. My dad and I were always stopping at obscure, hole-in-the-wall hobby shops looking for that ‘odd ball’ Ripken card that was distributed in random packages of Alpo dog food…for example. In addition to cards, I have Coke bottles, Milk cartons, energy bars, figurines, posters, etc. with Number 8 on them. I owe my love of baseball cards and my genuine love of Cal Ripken to my dad. Thanks Dad! Also, many thanks to Mom for putting up with stopping at every hobby shop along the way and for housing 99% of the collection at their house…even until this day!

In other news, just beneath this sweet card, was an on-card autograph of Boof Bonser! Not an awesome signing, but not bad for a free pack, eh? Any thoughts on Dave and Adam’s Card World shipping out ‘hot packs’ as their freebies to generate return business? John, I smell a trade? Whatcha got?



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