Shark Week

I was at AJ’s Sports Cards (in Vienna, VA) last week to purchase a shoebox for Chris and could not help but grab four packs of ’08 A&G.  It’s a good thing I did, because I pulled an elusive Mako Shark mini card.  Some may find the “World’s Deadliest Sharks” mini cards a bit gimmicky, but I like the sub-set and enjoyed pulling this card.  I’m very excited to see what sub-sets will find their way into the ’09 A&G set.  Personally, I’d like to see a SP set of famous ballparks.  I enjoy trying to put the ’08 base set together, but I get tired of pulling “dupes” and getting minimum “hits” in return.  I feel like the product runs it’s course after 2 hobby boxes and a blaster.


Thursday night, Chris, Drew, Woody, and I will be opening up 2 boxes of ’07 Fleer Ultra SE and 1 box of ’07 UD Masterpieces.  Chris and I will be sure to post our hits ASAP.

The Twinkies still remain very quiet this off-season.  I love that Kubel was signed for 2 years with a 3rd year option.  He was a monster in the minors and his knee problem in ’04 really set him back; however, I feel like that is finally behind him and he is finding his power stroke again.  In 463 at bats last year he hit 20 HRs, second on the team behind Morneau (23).  This is the year Kubel becomes a household name, mark my words.  In setup man news, Jesse Crain doesn’t want to see Minnesota bring in another reliever (i.e. Gagne).  Crain said he feels like the job is his for the taking and I’m going to believe him.  He is two years removed from his shoulder surgery and was throwing gas toward the end of last year.   




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4 responses to “Shark Week

  1. topher

    I dunno, man, that Mijares was awfully impressive. If Neshek were still in the game this year, even he would have a run for his money. To me, that’s saying quite a bit. Personally, I don’t think there was a better set-up guy in the Majors than Neshek up until he got hurt. Just like with having four Major League starters in the outfield, having a wealth of outstanding 8th inning pitchers is a nice problem to have. Crain, Guerrier, Mijares, and eventually Neshek again? That’s nuts.

  2. I agree! I’ll take your comment one step further and say a healthy Neshek is a HOFer. Our outfield is going to be fun to watch this year, tons of potential out there. Reminds me of the O’s outfield this year. Do you concur Chris?

  3. Are you kidding me? It’s going to be unbelievable. I will venture to say that the O’s outfield this year has the potential to be the best DEFENSIVE outfield in the history of the game, all while being the youngest. You’ll have Pie in left, Jones in center, and Kakes in right. Throw in Freel as the fourth OFer and Scott as the DH/5th OFer, you’ll have a fun crew to watch. I’m really liking the way the O’s are shaping up, I just wish we could start the youth movement in the infield!

  4. Woodrow

    Correction: Thursday night, Chris, Drew, and I will be opening up 2 boxes of ‘07 Fleer Ultra SE and 1 box of ‘07 UD Masterpieces. Woody will be cracking open a fresh box of 1986 Topps.

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