Albert Pujols was in my dream…

…because 40% of the ‘hits’ from my 2007 Fleer Ultra SE box yesterday were of the Albert Pujols variety. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to get game-used articles from a sure HOFer and a still under-rated baseball player, but I’m just a little bitter at John’s Biggio dual-patch pull; man that is a sweet card and I LOVE the way Biggio played the game.  Another cool thing about the box battle last night was that one of my Pujols hits was a game-used Feel the Game ‘bat’ card; my first one since re-joining the hobby. I must say again that I really, really love the Ultra SE product; you really get the best of both worlds (depending on what you think is good about the hobby these days). I love the base cards; great glossy photography with no borders and interesting action shots and it doesn’t hurt that you get either a game-used or auto card in every pack; even if the auto is a sticker. Of course, getting a hit in every pack diminishes the mystery, let’s not kid ourselves, it’s still fun to feel that thick card and wonder who/what it is. Anyways, here are the two Pujols pulls. What do you all think about this product? Love it, hate it, indifferent?




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