When Jersey Swatches Attack!

Chris and I opened our boxes of 2007 Fleer Ultra SE.  I opened two boxes, each box contained 5 packs and 15 cards per pack.  I’ve posted all of my hits below.  Among the many boring jersey cards, I received an auto redemption of John Danks (excited about that pull, he is gonna be MONEY!).  I realize that 90% of a players jersey is one drab color, but I’d like to see a stripe or two.  Maybe I’m just being a cardboard diva!  I just feel like jersey swatches that contain a single color are starting to feel like base cards, perhaps even worse because the memorabilia cards tend to have a boring photo to go with the plain swatch.  I just expect more from an insert card, but I know better (a guy can pipe dream can’t he). Take a look below and I think you’ll agree with me!


On the flip side, the Craig Biggio card below is SILLY!  Perhaps the best dual patch swatch I have ever seen and it’s numbered to 25, not to mention he is a future HOFer!  Chris was so bitter when I pulled this card; it is his second favorite player (behind Cal Ripken Jr of course).  I also pulled this nice Josh Beckett dual jersey, numbered to 160.  Even though the jersey does not have any stripes, the bright red color is a warm welcome from the sea of white and gray swatches.  I posted the Boof Bonser (best name in baseball) card because I am a Twinkies fan, duh!  Boof has/had so much potential.  I really thought he would find a home in the starting rotation, but he was relegated to bullpen duty last year.  I believe he is a victim of his lack of endurance and possible lack of confidence.  Either way I love Boof and hopes he can develop into a franchise pitcher for us.



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  1. Drew

    Wish we had video on your face when you pulled that Biggio. It’s too hard to put into words what it looked like, but somewhere along the lines of an “O” face/ mass confusion / and the excitement of a girl popping her top off at a wet t-shirt contest.

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