I Agree with Schmuck…

For once I agree with Peter Schmuck. His last article sums up the feelings that most Orioles fans are thinking as they are trying to catch up and dissect all the O’s moves in the past 6 weeks. The article can be read here. Another great move today was reaching a settlement with Luke Scott before going to arbitration. The deal was for 1-year for $2.4M; a bargain in my opinion. The rumors are flying right now that MacPhail is still looking at Ty Wiggington, if that is the case, I have no idea where they are going to put everyone, especially with the fact that we’ll have to carry 13 pitchers. On another, less positive MacPhail note, today the O’s dropped Oscar Salazar from their 40-man roster; hopefully he will clear waivers so we can keep him in the system but I doubt that will occur. Most of you are saying “Oscar who?” and you are probably right but I thought he might be a good potential replacement for Melvin Mora at third base.

On to the cards…tomorrow is the scheduled box break of two boxes of 2007 Fleer Ultra SE Baseball; both John and I have a box each so we’ll be posting the results late Thursday or Friday morning. (In fact, John has two boxes!)

Below are two scans of the cards I mentioned from the Elements break. Like I said, I’m not really feeling the Elements set, it’s a little too over the top for me, but I like the serial numbered rookie cards:


OK, now the next item is something that I want to share with you all. Generally, I’m learning that eBay is not the most fulfilling way to compile a card collection, but sometimes it’s the easiest place when you have a certain card in mind. Brandon Snyder was a High School star at nearby Westfield High School in Northern Virginia and, in fact, I used to go to a baseball camp run by his father. His was chosen as the Orioles first-round draft choice in the 2005 MLB draft to be their catcher of the future. Unfortunately, a nasty labrum injury quickly diminished those hopes. Regardless, Baseball America still ranked Snyder as the 9th best prospect in the O’s system late in 2008, this time as a 1B. While you never wish an injury on anyone, if Snyder didn’t get hurt, we wouldn’t be getting excited about the Wieters era AND we might still get to enjoy Snyder’s power production at 1B in the near future and we all know we are EXTREMELY thin at 1B in our organization. So anyways, here’s a nice 2006 Bowman Sterling Brandon Snyder Autograph; not only a hometown star but for my favorite team as well!



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