Johnny Boy, checking in!

Welcome to Sac Bunt everyone.  It is no secret that small ball wins championships.  As Chris mentioned I am a Twinkies fan living in Virginia.  In the ’80s and early ’90s I too collected sports cards and even comic book cards.  I recently came across “box breaks” via YouTube.  The videos brought me back to  my childhood days and I soon found myself in AJ’s Sports Cards (local shop in Vienna, VA) asking a ton of questions.  Chris and I come from the golden age of collecting when everything was simple.  I could not believe that some of my favorite card companies were gone.  I did not understand what a parallel was, or why there were a million sub-sets.  It has taken me months of research but I feel like I have a handle on the business once again.  I look forward to trading cards with collectors and talking baseball with everyone.

P.S.  Watch the new MLB Network; Harold Reynolds is a king among men.


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  1. Style

    You want to talk about small ball? How about them Rays in 2008?

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